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Prospective Doctor (from MedSchoolCoach)

Aug 26, 2021

Erkeda DeRouen talks to Dr. Diana Mercado, a family medicine physician in Texas. At Jackson County Hospital District, she serves as the chief medical officer, clinical medical director, and nursing home medical director. Today Erkeda chats with Dr. Mercado about her medical journey as an adult with ADHD and why it’s important to get diagnosed as soon as possible.

  • [00:39] Dr. Mercado’s Medical Journey and Background
  • [04:24] Managing symptoms of ADHD
  • [10:19] Getting through Medical School with ADHD
  • [17:16] How the ADHD diagnosis changed Dr. Mercado
  • [26:24] ADHD Coaching and How it Helps
  • [37:16] Dr. Mercado’s Advice to Pre-meds and Medical Student

Full show notes